Riding pants technology

Our Riding Pants are completely abrasion resistant. What is behind this technology, we explain to you here.
Abrasion resistant fibre

All of our trousers are produced with the same construction. An abrasion resistant fibre is wrapped with cotton. The result is a highly abrasion resistant fabric with the look, touch and comfort of a regular cotton pant. 

Hereafter you will see what kind of fibers we use:

A fabric paired with these fibers


UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) has originally been developed for the NASA and is a subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene. It has extremely long chains of carbon atoms with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.  


Polyarylate belongs to the family of high-performance engineered plastics, well known for its strength, toughness, chemical resistance and high melting point. We always use this fibre in combi- nation with a lot of stretch to make it even more comfortable to wear.


Aromatic polyamide (aramid) was discovered by DuPont in 1965 and developed to market maturity under the name Kevlar®. Aramid fibres have a high specific (weight-related) strength, low density, high impact strength, good heat resistance and dimensional stability, good vibration damping and a high work absorption capacity.


Our Riding Pants are completely made of abrasion resistant material and they are officially CE-approved according to the new standard (prEN 17092) and are abrasion resistant up to 70km/h. 


All pants only have one layer. So the abrasion resistant fibre is inside the fabric and you can't see it from the outside and it feels like a casual pant. 


All pants have the thinnest layer of fabric to make the pants fit for any riding style. We use a lot of stretch and that is why they can be used for all kinds of moving sports. 


Short legs? No problem. With our pants, you can adjust the knee protectors for height. In an emergency, the position is very important.

Abrasion Test

Darmstadt method briefly explained. How our fabrics are tested!