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Technology, design and inspiration

We design products that inspire you to set off on new adventures and enjoy your freedom. The riding culture lifestyle thrives on the natural nonchalance that is deeply rooted in motorcycle culture and has two overriding goals: Design and function. Both are fulfilled by the focus on quality. Regardless of whether it's about fit, material or workmanship. If you would like to get an overview of our collections, browse through the motorcycle clothing, MTB clothing and clothing for skaters.

In Riding Culture, the power of innovation and imagination burns for the "riding lifestyle", which is spreading across all "riding" sports. The aim is simple: to revolutionize safety on the road, in the park and off-road with casual looks. Every product incorporates the experience of seasoned athletes and technological advances. We develop more than just clothing, we help shape the lifestyle and combine it with state-of-the-art features when it comes to your safety. In the event of an accident, the right outfit can protect you from irreparable damage, which is why our collections meet the requirements of the AA safety level and forgive you falls at 70 to 120 km/h - depending on the level. With Riding Culture clothing, you are equipped for all conditions.

When the speeds increase and your focus and skills are required, Riding Culture protective clothing keeps up and protects you effectively in the event of a fall. It is just as reliable on the asphalt road as it is on the rocky freeride trail or in the concrete park. We are known for our hard-wearing motorcycle pants and equip you with the must-haves from head to toe. Whether you're getting on your motorcycle, mountain bike or skateboard.

Performance is key

The job of your equipment is to function in the event of a fall, which is why it needs to be hard-wearing and robust. But for us, this is not a contradiction to design and comfort, because we develop our sportswear with bikers for bikers and know that a comfortable fit and a good amount of stretch let you ride with more focus. In contrast to stiff jackets and pants that restrict your dynamics and flow.

So what should you look out for? You can immediately recognize the performance level of the motorcycle clothing from the certification. The material must be robust and stretchy at the same time to ensure both your freedom of movement and protection in the event of an impact. All of our models look and feel like normal everyday clothing, but have extremely high abrasion properties thanks to innovative weaving technology. In general, Riding Culture clothing sits super comfortably on the body and this does not change even after repeated washing and intensive riding. As far as looks are concerned, our protective clothing has a very clear signature: modern, sporty, casual - and of course super cool 😉

You can expect just as much from your motorcycle, skate and MTB clothing as you do from your own skills! We attest to the top comfort, maximum freedom of movement, extreme tear resistance and high durability of our clothing.

Our motorcycle pants, MTB pants and co. also impress across the board in tests.

Sporting ambitions!

Our focus is on delivering quality and combining it with casual designs. To realize our ambitions, we work with athletes who help us create an experience. They are on a motorcycle, MTB or skateboard in their daily lives and share the enthusiasm for their passion. Together we develop highlight products for all kinds of action. Co-creation is an inspiring force, driven by passion and emotion.

We design and develop clothing that reflects quality and inspires when worn. Each product represents the riding experience, an expression of the riding lifestyle, freedom and adventure. When it comes to abrasion-resistant motorcycle clothing, MTB and skate clothing, we will continue to invest in innovation and inspiration and keep the standards high.

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