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Think Less, Ride more

We support various athletes who ride at the highest level. Our riding pants are designed for various sports and protect every rider. It does not matter what you ride, the main thing is that it is fun and you enjoy the time! 

Alessio Tonoli

A BMX park rider, who feels comfortable on every bike and who has fun with everything. The main thing of Alessio is to braap, have fun and build every obstacle and then shred it with what ever!

Ramon Keller

A motocross racer who loves to ride through life at full speed. The throttle is always open and no matter what kind of bike he is on, he will rip it but sure!

Lucas Huppert

Lucas Huppert is a slopestyle rider who travel around the world all year round to compete in the biggest events such as the Crankworx series! Lucas is ranked among the 10 best in the world. Style, speed and a lot of laughs are guaranteed with Lucas!

Markus Keller

Markus is not only a snowboarder, he is the legend of Switzerland! Every snowboarder knows Markus Keller in a good sense. To conjure up so much style and power on the snow at the same time makes Markus unique. 2003 World Champion!

David Kohli

David Kohli is the freeride mountain biker of Switzerland. For David there is no distance too far or too high. Kohli is always full send and the faster it is, the more he smiles. Great guy and a lot of style! 

Fabio Martin

Fabio is a skateboarder and rides every free minute. He is one of the top bowl riders in Europe and competes in various contests. He also does the marketing and is at heart on every ride. Whether big bike, motorcycles or on the skateboard. Just send every day!




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